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Brendan - Catchin up with the one and only - Vic Supple.

And to any of you who have not yet met her here's introducing  you to  Victoria Supple - Publicist for Home & Away. This was my chance to put Vic in the Pic with some Q's & A's.

So Vic what is your job exactly?
To increase the profile of the show and its cast in the media.

What do you like most about your job?
Working with such a wonderful bunch of people i.e. the cast and crew.

What is the funniest moment that you have had on the show?
(laughs) Every single day is funny in some way, someone always makes me laugh, you guys are very funny. (laughs). Umm I could tell some good stories here.

Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment but I love animals, and I adore dogs, whenever we have a dog on set I always go down to see it, and give it
a pat. One day I look forward to having a lovely rambling house complete with a couple of big old dogs.

Would you like to be an actor?
Well Bren I actually studied drama earlier in my life but I realised from a very early point of being associated with the "business"  that I would very much prefer to be behind the camera, and so here I am.

Ha ha.. but you're not right now.... so how long have you been in the industry?
It's 12 years now, I started when I was very young, around 16 years of age.

What time does your day start?
Well usually about 9 unless there is an early photo shoot, and it generally finishes about 8pm, but its all good.

Your working life must be so busy and hectic (believe me I have seen this woman fly and I don't mean in a plane) - so Victoria just how do you chill out?
Yes it is  incredibly busy Brendan, and its full on PR, meaning I am dealing with people all the time which I love, but to chill out on my  time out I like to get back in touch with myself, spending  time alone, just sitting and reading, walking down  the beach, listening to music, slowing down and just relaxing. This way I can give my best to everyone when I get back.


Thank u B

Photographs by Carolyn McKensy 2001

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