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Judy Judy Judy

Judy Nunn is one of the most awesome people that I have ever met. An inspiration to work with and a person that you cannot help but absorb experience from. She is constantly busy with boundless energy. I have a picture of her in my mind sitting on a hill at Palm Beach with her much loved dogs and a laptop computer busily developing her latest novel. "Beneath the Southern Cross", a book my mum totally adored reading, her only criticism being that it should have been at least 2 books longer as she loved the characters so much. I am very proud to be one of the few people with the right to call Judy "Mum".

Thanks for everything Judy.

Judy made me feel welcome in the strange new world I found myself in at the age of 12. She encouraged me and made me feel comfortable with her delightful humour. 'Eye in the Storm' and 'Eye in the City' are two books given to me by Judy. Although they are children's books they are a great read for any age. They are about a blind boy who can astral travel and when he does he can see. I love these books.

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