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about me

One of THE coolest things that you can do is to swing off a high trapeze, I went to circus school at Byron Bay. If you get the chance just do it!

This is my very best mate "Spike" he's a rebel with a lot of attitude. In other words a kewl dude!
  • Birthday 
  • Star sign 
  • fav. colour 
  • fav. food 
    hungry jacks
  • hobbies 
    go karting, acrobatics, trampolining, running, 
  • fav. movies 
    The Patriot, Austin Powers, Scary
  • pets spike & gypsy (dogs), & scully (cat).
  • family and 
    greatest supporter

    Mum, Dad, sisters 
    & Mish & bro Chris.

Up close and personal with "The Bill". I spent 7 months in England and Europe in 1993 visiting my family. It was amazing, would love to come back now I am older.

Well ya gotta sleep sometime and I can sleep anywhere. Here I am seen suffering from the travel bug.

Photographs by Carolyn McKensy 2001

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