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Duncan - As I see him

Duncan is a bit of an angry young man, life has dished out a few hard blows to him, but he cares about stuff heaps more than he tries to show, but sometimes he just cracks under the pressure. His parents have always been busy people working long hours, leaving Duncan on his own, NOT a good move, from their point of view, but it sure has given Duncan a bit of space. So, because he is a bit of a rebel and a larrikin, he has been in a lot of mischief as a kid. But now he's a teenager so he's changing a lot, getting opinions (could be called an attitude by some!) and ideas of his own. Like a lot of teenagers these days he often has doubts about his Dad's love for him, his Dad can be a bit of a distant man, doesn't show much affection, pretty big on discipline, caught up in his work. Drives Duncan up the wall!
Duncan has quite a bit of admiration for Vinnie because he fancies himself as a bit of a budding entrepreneur, just like Vinnie. He is also pretty sympathetic if he sees anyone in trouble and needing help, he will really go out on a limb for them, like befriending Liang, and looking out for her, and trying to protect her. Duncan just loooooves to help an underdog. He just needs to find a few. haha.
What Duncan really needs is someone to be on his flamin side for a change and a few good laughs! He and his Dad have been through such a hard time it would be good to see them sort things out. Have a game of footy and a bloody good rumble!